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A list of popular BDSM words – Part 1

Dear escorts, do you find yourselves more and more interested in BDSM? If the answer is yes, you’ll probably want to try it one of these days. What with the success of the Fifty Shades movie saga, the fetish and bondage scene has seen an increase in the number of new adepts escorts. While the movies are only vanilla versions of what BDSM is actually about, they do give us a glimpse into this both fun and wild world.


Before you throw yourselves into something you’ve never tried just because it sounds great and almost everybody’s doing it, you need to take it slow and start with the basics. Our suggestion is to have a look at the most frequent words used in the BDSM universe terb. Which brings us to today’s post: a glossary of terms that will make it easier for you to navigate the kinky waters of a new world. Have a read and see if you’d like to explore it for you next date. Let’s begin, shall we?


Submissive and Dominant – Luxury LeolisT Escorts in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

submissive – “sub” – is the girl or guy who gives over their desires and rights to take part in a power exchange with the Dominant toronto passions. They are also known as “slaves” in the BDSM world. A sub can wear a collar to show that they are under the control of a Dominant. Submission is a gift and it’s always earned by respect.

dominant is also referred to as “mistress”, “master”, “domme” or “dom.” This person controls the submissive by whipping them, tying them up and so on until they reach the most intense orgasm ever.


Safe word – Luxury LeolisT Escorts in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

Before a BDSM session can start, the two participants must agree on a safe word. The submissive will use it to stop an activity that might become too painful at any given point, especially if they’re new to the BDSM scene perb. This word can be “red”, “door” or anything else the submissive wants to use. The dominant person will stop at once so that the sub can catch their breath before continuing with said activity or moving on to things they’re more comfortable with.


Top and Bottom

top is the person who dominates their submissive partner by causing physical pain or using harsh words. When there are two females involved, the top can use a strap-on to give anal or vaginal pleasure to the bottom. A bottomisn’t necessarily the same thing is a submissive. Bottoming is when you have an action done to you by the top carmen fox.

Dungeon – Luxury LeolisT Escorts in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

A dungeon is the place where all the activities that have to do with BDSM happen. It can be your own room or the home of your male or female client. There, you as a dominant can keep sex toys, ropes, and any other equipment you want to use for your date.


Bondage – Luxury LeolisT Escorts in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal

Many newbies to the BDSM scene think that bondage has to do with using a leather object for pleasuring. Bondage is all about physically restraining your partner by tying them with a scarf, a rope, chains, rubber, and so on to a bed, from the ceiling etc. There are two types of bondage: total or limited to a certain part of your date’s body, like her breasts or his butt. Remember that you must get consent from your partner before you begin.

The restraining is only done by the dominant to the submissive. Bondage is highly arousing for the slave since they feel at the mercy of their dom or domme. This practice has nothing to do with violence, even if it is simultaneously used with pain play.



B&D stands for Bondage and Discipline/Domination and it refers to psychological or physical punishment. You can restrain your male or female partner and force them to orgasm at your will. The dominant can also gain control over the sub by forced sex positions. Collars, whips, chains, duct tape, and handcuffs are the most popular B&D choices.



During a Sadism and Masochism session, a sadist gets sexually aroused by making the masochist feel pain. A masochist gets turned on by being whipped, spanked, and so on by the sadist.

There are different types of S&M: blood play, breast torture, CBT, vaginal torture, hot wax, spanking, asphyxiation, and whipping.



CBT is short for Cock and Ball Torture. The male sexual organs will only go hard if the dominant plays with them in a painful way. This can be anything from pinching the sub’s balls, squeezing them or using weights on them. CBT is used to delay a guy’s orgasm so that when he finally climaxes, the pleasure is incredibly intense. Some subs will tell their dommes to use a ball stretcher during the session or a specific sex toy, like the Chastity Head Device.


That was all for part one of our introduction to the BDSM universe, dear escorts. Does it sound like something you’d like to try for your next booking? If your answer is no, that’s OK. Not everyone is made for this world. In case you want to find out more about the bondage scene, stick around to read part two of our list of BDSM words!